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Do you want freedom?

Do you want to travel in the comfort of your small rolling house?

You do not want to invest astronomical sums in an energy-consuming vehicle but you want to use your vehicle every day?

So now, Prolite Trailer has what you need!

Canadian manufacturer of ultra light trailers since 2000, Prolite offers a wide range of ultra lightweight trailer models that can be adapted to your everyday vehicle. Prolite caravans offer many floor plans that are as user-friendly.

The smallest of our models is 11 feet 10 inches and weighs 590lb.
The largest of our models is 24 feet 4 inches and weighs only 3,700lb.

Between these two models is an amazing variety of models that meets all types of caravaners.


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Prolite Trailers

Prolite is a Canadian manufacturer of ultra light trailers, renowned for the quality and resale value of their trailers and their team that is sensitive to the needs of its customers; no matter where they are. Working together with many dealers across Canada and in a few states in the US, Prolite keep your mind free when you're on the move.

Manufacturer of ultra light trailers

The company has a 45,000-square-feet plant and a luxurious 4,800-square-feet indoor showroom, all on a 140,000-square-foot plot in Saint-Jérôme’s industrial park. Prolite is proud to produce ultra lightweight trailers that are suitable for your everyday vehicle.

Ultra Light Trailers

Prolite has several different models, ranging from 550 lbs to 3700 lbs and can accommodate from 2 to 6 people. Our ultra light trailers are equipped to your needs and budget, while offering you the opportunity to use your everyday vehicle to tow them.

Innovative Trailers

Prolite trailers are waterproof, reliable and innovative. They have a one piece shell roof covered with fibreglass; a high quality product known for its durability and increased resistance to shocks, scratches and UV rays. Their walls are insulated with panels of DuroFoam; a closed-cell insulator made of expanded polystyrene, which is known for its long-lasting thermal resistance and preventing of water infiltration. In a case of water infiltration, DuroFoam will expel the water directly from the source; it will be visible quickly and can be neutralized hastily, unlike infiltrations that usually take months, even years to be discovered. Their 5/8 plywood floors covered with Tekmodo composite panels offer extra protection when traveling on the road or during prolonged stops in very humid places. In addition, all nautical seals offer an extra guarantee for the waterproofness and reliability of your Prolite trailer, while using innovative materials.

Lightweight, versatile and aerodynamic

Prolite trailers are lightweight due to their design and the use of ultra-light materials. They are versatile due to their front and rearshape, as well as their width suitable for our roads. They ensure a better adhesion to the ground, an excellent visibility and a pleasant driving in both urban and rural areas. The aero dynamicity of ultralight Trailers Prolite is without a doubt a major asset for fuel economy.

Come see our trailers

Come visit and discuss with us or one of our proud partners, whether at our manufacturing plant, our distribution center in Granby or at one of our many dealerships. To find a dealer near you, click here.