Roulotte Prolite

Model Trailer: 12 V

Model Trailer: 12 V

Starting from $27 980*

Roulottes Prolite, Canadian manufacturer of light trailers  unveils its brand new 2019 model, the "12V" An ultra light innovative caravan thanks to its renewable energy.

Two 100 watts solar panels will produce the necessary energy to provide your ultra-powerful 100 amperes battery and the 2000 watts inverter with its 100 amperes charger will convert 12 volts energy into electrical supply to operate all of your small electrical appliances.

 No more need for sites that offer all services, here you are ready to embark on adventures in the most beautiful parts of the world.

 This small travel trailer only weighs 1049 pounds and can sleep 3 people, it is specially designed for compact cars.

 Naturally it comes standard with, its powerful battery, its solar panel, its 2000 watts inverter and 55 amperes charger, but it also offers a portable electric heater, a glass-ceramic induction heating , a 1.7 cubic foot refrigerator, a bag awning, tempered glass windows and much more.

 Its  immense 70 x 70 sofa bed will delight even the tallest.

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*The towing vehicles shown are for illustrative purposes only. Many factors may influence the towing capacity of your vehicle Refer to your car manufacturer for specific towing capacity of your vehicle.

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27 980,00 $


Length: 13'10''
Width: 6'1''
Overall height: 7'3''
Interior height: 5'9''
Dry weight: 1049 lb
Tongue weight: 120 lb
Alloy wheels: Yes (13”)
10'' electric brakes: Optional
Fresh water tank: 15 gal.
Grey water tank: 15 gal.
Black water tank: N/A
Front bed: 70''x32''
Rear bed: 70''x70''
Bunk beds: N/A
Sleeps: 3
Stove: Yes, electric
Heating: Yes, portable electric
Outside storage door: 1
Water heater: N/A
Fridge: 1.7 Sq.ft
Front window with curtain: Yes
Stabilizer jacks: 2
Toilet with shower: N/A
120 Volts outside outlet: Yes
Fan: Yes
Air conditioner: Option
Microwave: Option
Propane tank: N/A
Exterior shower: N/A
Vehicule type: Sub-compact
maximum number of people: 3

*The information in these specifications are as accurate as possible at the time of release, Prolite reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.*